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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Shot List

shots 1-31. Short film "Dandy Candy" work in progress

Dandy Candy is a short film I started to help improve my 3D skills in a general sense. I designed all aspects of the film using Photoshop and Maya 2008. I modeled every asset within the film. All animated scenes were done by me using Maya 2008 or adobe premiere pro. I rigged all props and vehicles using Maya 2008. The character rigging was handled by Simon Thomas. I textured every asset myself using Maya 2008 and Photoshop.

shots 32-67 "Back at the Barnyard" -Nickelodeon

I have used shots from episodes “Iron Otis” (Oct. 6, 2009), and “King Kudd” (Oct. 7, 2009). The layout team was given one week to set up each episode. The asset department provided sets, rigged characters and props. Working with 2D storyboards I set up all cameras and compositions. I also animated all characters to provide a general sense of the scene for the director and overseas studios.


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